Musket Flint found at Porth

Steve Hebdige, local area archaeologist, was recently leading a guided walk in aid of Newquay Old Cornwall Society funds. Stopping on route he explained how items of interest could sometimes be found after being washed out from the soil. One of the party picked up something from the ground which Steve immediately identified as a flint from a 'flint lock' musket. He enthusiastically explained the identifying features adding that it was only the second example to be found in the Newquay area.

The flint probably dates from 17th Century and as part of the firing mechanism would cause a spark to ignite a 'flash in the pan'. This would in turn set off the main powder charge and hence fire a lead ball from the barrel.

Once the find has been seen by specalists, cleaned and recorded it will be added to the Collections of the Newquay Old Cornwall Society ready for display in a future Museum.

February 2000