Newquay Old Cornwall Exhibition at Dairyland Farm World

NOCS Chairman and his wife visiting the newly opened exhibition General view of the newly opened exhibition Picture Display Panel

Through the generosity of Dairyland Farm World near Newquay, a space has been made available within an 18th century barn for a permanent Newquay Old Cornwall Exhibition.

The space became available following reorganisation at the attraction and allows for an initial arrangement of ten wall mounted display panels and three showcases.

The Society has a large collection of artefacts and the exhibition will be changed occasionally to reflect this.

One main case has an initial display of china entitled "A Present From Newquay". Taken from our Ceramics Collection these items include fasinating examples of Victorian and Edwardian souvenir ware, a tradition maintained to the 'present' day.

N.B. Normal Dairyland access and admission charges apply.
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