Newquay's First Postmistress

Mrs Salmon

When Mrs Jane Salmon was still Miss Marshall she became Newquay's first postmistress; this was in 1837 when she was then 26. Her starting salary was 3 guineas a year and she held the post (pun intended) for 23 years. She died in 1899, aged eighty-eight.

Necklace worn by Mrs Salmon

Some of Mrs Jane Salmon's jewlery, including this necklace, are in Newquay Old Cornwall Society's General collection.

Franking die

As part of a programme of rationalisation the Post Office did away with the 'Newquay' identification within letter franking postmark. On 28th March 1992 this franking die was used for the last time. Both the die and the last letter ever to be postmarked Newquay, were presented to NOCS.