Hodbarrow Miner - 1908

The Holdbarrow Miner, 1908

1908, a topsail schooner, The Hodbarrow Miner, was on her way from Runcorn to Truro with a cargo of coal. There was a North Westerly force 10 gale blowing when the schooner was seen off Newquay headland, her sails all gone.

The Captain had been lost overboard 20 miles off the Longships Lighthouse and the remaining crew decided to run before the storm ending up beaching their ship at Mawgan Porth. They launched a small boat which capsized. A man called Warricker, the only survivor swam towards safety with the ship's boy. Great waves overwhelmed them and the lad was lost.

Warricker tried to crawl along the sandy seabed when he was swept under. He was rescued by two coastgaurds, Mr. Yelland and Mr. Matthews who ran into the sea and grabbed him, their wives standing by with rocket apparatus that they had carried down to the beach.

When the boat had first been sighted off Newquay the crew of the lifeboat were ready to launch even though that morning, during practice, the lifeboat had capsized and Mr Henry Storey, one of the crew, had drowned.

Memorial Plaque
Memorial plaque in St.Mawgan Church

The Hodbarrow Miner Ship's Bell
The Hodbarrow Miner Ship's Bell