Shipwrecks around Newquay 1693-1920

Year Vessel Nationality Home Port Type Location Event
1693 Peace of Plymouth Plymouth Holywell Bay Wrecked
1800c Creres Spanish Porth uncovered 1929
1781 Phoenix Lugger Wrecked
1811 A M S Bloodhound off Trevose Head
1811 Magnet Spanish Brig Newquay Wrecked
1811 Janet of Kilcardine Sloop Mawgan Porth
1816 H M S Whiting off Padstow
1822 Concord St. Eval Cliffs
1833 Catherine Cardiff Mawgan Porth
1840 Liverpool Woodbridge off Crantock
1841 Hebe Ship cove, Newquay
1845 Agnes Chick Rock Struck
1846? Samaritan Bedruthan
1846 ? Schooner Beacon Cove
1847 Marchioness Abercom Crantock Beach
1859 True Blue Teignmouth Trevose Head
1859 Rose Lost
1859 Busy Lost
1859 Peter & Sarah Lost
1860 Pride of Exeter Schooner off Trevose Head
1860c James Alexander Port Cothan
1863c Lizzie Male off Padstow
1864 Heroine Near Harbour ashore
1865 Elizabeth Jane Schooner Towan Beach
1868c Dauntless Chapel Rock, Perranporth
1869 Suez Austrian Barque Near Padstow Stranded
1869 Banquereau Bayonne Crigga ashore
1871 Dauntless Brig Perranporth
1871 Calamedeus Greek Brig Mawgan Porth
1874 Friends Smack Mawgan Porth
1874 Josephine 3 masted Lugger Newquay Bay
1876 Alma Schooner Chapel Rock, Perranporth
1880 Hariette off Goose Rock
1881 Mary Anne South Pier Struck
1882 Victoria Ketch Near Padstow
1882c Anna Louise off Trevose Head
1883 Storm Nymph Towan Beach
1887 Leila off Trevose Head
1889 Greaner Fistral Beach
1893 Cintra Steamer North Cornish Coast Wrecked
1893 Bessie Steamer North Cornish Coast Wrecked
1893 Vulture Steamer North Cornish Coast Wrecked
1893 Hampshire Steamer North Cornish Coast Wrecked
1893 Rosendale Steamer North Cornish Coast Wrecked
1893 S S Helvetia in Bay Disabled
1894 winter Expert Schooner Goose Rock
1894c Jessie McHew Boobys Ban
1894 Harlyn Bay
1896 Standard Watchet Ketch Porth Driven ashore
1896 Siracusa off Towan Head
1897 Engineer Ketch off Watergate
1899 Voorwarts Mawgan Porth crew washed into
1900 James Stevens No. 4 Padstow Lifeboat
1900 Vorsfeld near Collys Point, Perranporth
1900 Seine Barque Perranporth
1902 Baltzan off the Quies
1904 Kittie Anne Brauton Ketch off Crantock
1908 Hodbarrow Minor Mawgan Porth
1910 Bell of Plym Padstow
1912 Bessie Schooner Bothwicks Rocks
1913 Renown Trawler Fistral
1916 Busy Bee Bude Coast
1917 James Stevens No. 5 Lifeboat The Gazzle
1918 SS War Grange off Town Head due to enemy action
1918 Orfordness Swansea due to enemy action
1918 SS Lake Eden Cardiff due to enemy action
1918 Carasa Bilbao due to enemy action
1920 Philome French Trawler Newquay Bay